Dodge online casino scams & learn how to Avoid online casino scam

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We aim to help other people in navigating the gambling world more efficiently. Anyone who is looking to play safely and securely we are here to help them. This is because we have seen our fair share of bad experiences.

Blacklisted Online Casinos

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These sites usually scam people for their money and use players for the deposits that they make. They hide behind the internet and put up attractive offers to lure people onto their websites so they can scam them. Through these offers they take the money of the people and don’t pay them a penny in return. This is why such sites come under the Blacklist and these are the ones you need to stay away from.

Our Blacklisted Online Casinos List 2021
  • Casino 1×2
  • 99 Slot Machines
  • Mighty Slots
  • Plenty Jackpots
  • 21Grand Casino
  • Casino Fiz
  • CrazyWinners Casino
  • Euro Fortune Casino
  • Slots Jackpot Casino
  • Big Daddys Casino
  • Don Poker
  • Down Home Poker
  • Jack Daddys Poker
  • Maya Gaming
  • Podium Poker
  • Poker Syndicate
  • The Golden Vegas
  • Pokers DNA
  • Pink Lady Casino
  • Lucky Gate Casino
  • Park Lane Casino
  • Golden Cherry Casino
  • 99 Slot Machines
  • Slots Inferno
  • Casino Fiz
  • Play2Win Casino
  • Tradition Casino
  • Vegas Days Casino
  • Blackjack Club
  • Casino Freedom
  • Casino Bordeaux
  • Slots Express Casino
  • Slots Express Casino
  • WInners Goldmine
  • 7 Reels Casino
  • Casino Hermes
  • Grand Luxe VIP Casino
  • Mona VIP Casino
  • Poker Poka
  • Bingo for Money

How To Avoid Online Slots and Online Casino Scams?

Do you want to enjoy gambling? Are you scared of getting scammed and so haven’t started it? Well, you can easily turn your desire into reality. All you have to do is be a bit careful and look out for signs of scams. This is why we are here. While there are many scammers out there in the digital world, there are also legitimate sites that are trustworthy and reliable. However, it’s up to you to differentiate between the two, and here is how you can avoid casino scams.

Check all the permits and licenses

This is very important as even offline casinos should have a license from the relevant authority. You can find such information on the website. It is usually at the bottom where the relevant authorities are stated. If this information is not there anywhere on the site or in the casino, then this is a big sign that this is not legitimate and most likely a scam. Every trustworthy casino will be transparent about their licensing and regulations.

Online casino promotions or online slots bonus

Many scammers use this tactic to hook a user with offers of rewards, bonuses, or even promotions. However, don’t be fooled by this illusion. Such bonuses are set up because they are a trap for you. This is because most of them require you to spend some of your money first. One other telltale is that if it looks too good to be true then it usually is. No legitimate website will offer you a bonus that is too high. This is where you do your research on the website and check their terms and conditions too before claiming any kind of reward. If they are not understandable, vague, or overly ambitious then you can easily tell that the website is just a scam.

Online casino payment methods

Trusted casino websites will give you a variety of payment options. Those options will also be popular and secure, options you can easily trust and you know of. They will also clearly state withdrawal limits, any fee charged for payments, and the processing time. If the payment methods are limited and you have never heard of them before then it is a big red flag. Never enter your personal information on such a site. A legitimate casino will always provide you with safety and security.

Software providers

This is something most people either miss or overlook. You need to check which game and software developer is providing everything to the website and how safe their reputation is. A good rule of thumb here is that if the games of the casino are made by independently licensed software providers in various jurisdictions then it means that they are completely safe.

Final words

See, it is so easy to tell the scammers apart from the real casinos. With these useful tips, you will never be scammed again. If any website is not transparent about all this and there are red flags then don’t trust them. Do your research and find a reliable site for yourself!

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We aim to help other people in navigating the gambling world more efficiently. Anyone who is looking to play safely and securely we are here to help them. This is because we have seen our fair share of bad experiences.
As beginners we would also partake in an offline casino and we lost a lot as well before we actually understood all the scams. This is why we decided to create this platform for other people. We want to share our experiences and help other people not get scammed in the same way or lose their money to untrustworthy sites.
Our only goal is to help you through this platform and share our experiences too along the way. You can contact our team anytime in case you have any queries and we will do everything we can to clear it out so you can play safely.
It is time to stop falling for scams and playing on sites that don’t respect privacy and security. It is time to play safe and secure and we are here to help you do that so your journey in the gambling world can be a smooth one!

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